Thanks for supporting our bake sale!!! Thanks to the Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union, Lowell Five Bank, The Eliot Pact Team, The Edge Group Realty and all the other many people who bought our cookies this year!!
Thank you to Target for donating towards buying gifts for our members!! Thank you to Lowell Five Bank and Banknorth for donating gifts for the members on Christmas Day!! We had a wonderful time this year baking cookies and they were particularly delicious this year!! Thank you to everyone who baked!! We were able to buy wonderful presents for the members for our Yankee Swap Party on December 19th!! Happy Holidays!! Merry Christmas!! Happy Hannakuh!!
The Renaissance Club currently has over 100 active members. With the upcoming holidays we are planning on buying gifts for members. We are hoping to have area businesses donate goods or small amounts of money or gift cards. We are also going to have a cookie sale. If you would like to help us raise funds please contact Betty at 978-454-7944.

Renaissance Club, a program of Eliot Community Human Services, serves adults with mental illnesses residing in Greater Lowell. As a certified member of the International Center for Clubhouse Development, composed of over 400 clubhouses throughout the world, Renaissance Club provides a supportive community for individual recovery from mental illnesses. Our community is a safe place where members can form lasting relationships with others and build on those relationships to become more socially and vocationally active in the Clubhouse and in society. Located in the heart of Lowell, Renaissance Club acts as an agent of change in the lives of members.

Cookie Sale Flyer 2014

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