Renaissance Club, a program of Eliot Community Human Services, serves adults with mental illnesses residing in Greater Lowell. As a certified member of the International Center for Clubhouse Development, composed of over 400 clubhouses throughout the world, Renaissance Club provides a supportive community for individual recovery from mental illnesses. Our community is a safe place where members can form lasting relationships with others and build on those relationships to become more socially and vocationally active in the Clubhouse and in society. Located in the heart of Lowell, Renaissance Club acts as an agent of change in the lives of members.

We wanted to share with you some exciting news for the Renaissance Club! We are partnering with the Big Brother Big Sister Association and Walgreens! The press release from the Big Brother Big Sister Association is below. Join us at the event at 11am at Walgreens which will be followed by a luncheon reception at the Renaissance Club at noon. It’s all happening on September 9th!!

Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is about to open its seventh Attended Donation Station (ADS or POD) which is s staffed entirely by Renaissance Clubhouse members in Lowell, and hosted by Walgreens
A Grand Opening, ribbon-cutting celebration ceremony will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 9th at Walgreens 1765 Middlesex St. from 11 a.m. to noon, with an open invitation to Lowell and surrounding communities.
The POD will be open weekdays 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and both weekend days 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Walgreens is generously hosting the POD on their property. “There has always been an open channel between Walgreens and the Club. And I’m thrilled that this collaboration will help those at the Club, and also assist Big Brother Big Sister,” said ten year Walgreens veteran, and Middlesex St. Store Manager, Peter Martin.
Renaissance Clubhouse, a program of Eliot Community Human Services, helps 250 adults recovering from mental illnesses in the Greater Lowell area. The Club helps members further their education, expand social networks, and prepare to enter – or re-enter – the workforce.
“Some of our members have not worked in several years,” Chelsey Brown, Renaissance Vocational Coordinator explains. “We need to build their confidence as well as their skills.”
Steve Beck, BBBSF’s Executive Director is a strong advocate of the POD projects. “Recent studies have shown that 85% of adults with mental illness cannot get gainful employment in the U.S.; we can change that.”

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